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Home Decorating Tips to Uplift Your Mood

Does stepping foot in your home feel like a drag or make you smile? The way your abode’s interiors look can have a significant impact on your mood. Make any living space in your home brighten up your day with a few very simple decorating tips proven to beat the blues.

Paint Your Walls Blue or Green

The most abundant colors in nature are green and blue. Painting the walls with the colors of the sky, ocean and trees can have a soothing effect on the mind and body. If you cannot pay your favorite vacation spot a visit, painting the walls in the right colors allows you to feel like you’re having a holiday each time.

Keep Windows Open

Use drapes and blinds only when you need privacy. Otherwise, keep them open and reward yourself with an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Allowing as much sunlight as possible into the room helps brighten up the space as well as your mood. Especially during daytime, maximize the mood-lifting effect of natural lighting.

Try to Ditch the TV

It’s true that your television can give you hours of fun and entertainment. However, it also keeps you from doing more meditative and creative activities such as listening to music, painting, writing in your journal or reading a book. Especially in the bedroom, a TV can keep you from attaining utmost rest and relaxation.

Decorate with Plants

Bringing a small slice of nature indoors is a wonderful idea! There is something about seeing things that are alive and growing that makes you feel calm inside. You don’t even have to have a green thumb as there are plenty of indoor plants that are easy to tend. Taking good care of them is also a great stress-busting activity.

Opt for Curvy Furniture Pieces

It’s a good idea to steer clear of cabinets, shelves, coffee tables, couches and others with a lot of sharp edges. Interiors filled with items boasting of soft curves are more relaxing to look at. It has something to do with the primate area of the brain telling you to be wary as there are many sharp things around that could hurt you.

Beautify with Scented Candles

These days, scented candles come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Adorning your interiors with the ones you personally like gives the room a delightful and reassuring look. Opt for orange blossom- and lavender-scented candles as they help zap stress and sadness the moment they fill the air with their aromas.

Adorn the Room with Things You Love

Seeing photos of loved ones, your pet or beautiful tourist attractions you have visited can always make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Just about anything you personally like may be used as decoration — whether it’s a gift or an item you bought, or be it something so simple or out-of-this-world.

Do you know of any other home decorating tips and tricks that work very well in uplifting your mood each time? Don’t be too shy to share and help make a lot of homeowners happier!


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