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High-Performing Women, their Personality Traits, and How to Acquire Them

When it comes to copping leadership roles, it’s a hard fact that women are generally outnumbered by guys, but that does not mean that chicks need to be contented to be at the backseat. There are quite a number of women who were born to be natural leaders, and as it turns out, they seem to possess several personality traits that enable them to perform well in almost every situation. Below is a list of the traits that most successful women have that other people can start emulating in order to elevate the quality of their lives.

1. Assertiveness

Assertiveness is what drives people to stand up for themselves and seize for open opportunities. They say that assertive people tend to communicate better with others, which may be another reason why high performance and assertiveness go hand in hand.

2. Aggressiveness

Aggressiveness is an often misinterpreted term. Being aggressive does not mean flying off the handle or spewing off sparks whenever things don’t go right. Instead, aggressiveness should involve bringing constructive energy into things so it can move forward versus it being forgotten. To sharpen this personality trait, try staying determined and make sure to see things through from start to finish. Stay focused even if others do not necessarily share your enthusiasm right away.

3. Energy

If you lack this, you’ll have no ability to finish your own to-do things list for the day, let alone inspire others to stay jolly and vibrant. Stay on the lookout for your energy levels by being aware of the things or situations that drag you down and make efforts to isolate yourself from these situations given the chance. Also make sure to take ample rests to recharge your entire body and mind so you can continuously perform at your peak the next day.

4. Empathy

Empathy is what allows you to relate to the situations that others are going through and understanding where they are coming from. To become more emphatic, one must simply listen to the perspective of the other beings. When you are practicing empathy, keep in mind that you are not required to find solutions for the problems of everyone around you, often, it’s more than enough to let it clear to them that you’re there to offer support.

5. Ego-strength

This trait is what gets you through when life hits you hard. This is how you handle things when faced with difficult situations. A helpful way to start developing ego-strength is to always keep a clear perspective of things. When presented with challenges, oftentimes, the most common reactions are that of incompetence, or fear or being overwhelmed. In time, you’ll find that resilience is best demonstrated when you view those challenges in the most practical ways possible. That may mean that reaching out to someone for assistance or just simply accept the fact that you can only do things one step at a time. Also, focus on the factors that you can control rather than spend your energy on those that you cannot.

6. Capacity to Tolerate Stress

Train yourself to know your stress triggers, that way you’ll know the things that can make you feel uncomfortable, ergo, letting you prepare for them in advance so you can tolerate it better. When stress starts to kick in, it is also helpful to have a list of therapeutic things that you can do to help diffuse what you’re feeling. You’ll find that those individuals who can handle stress pretty well turn out to be happier and more successful at what they do.

7. Optimism

Low morale can kill anyone’s productivity. Sometimes, when the problem is severe, it can spread from one individual to another until it affects the entire team, and in the real world, this is something that should be prevented from happening. Yes it’s true that keeping an optimistic attitude at all times is near impossible, but being grateful goes a really long way in increasing everyone’s optimism levels.
Although you can’t have all these traits developed overnight, practicing them over time can definitely improve your performance in whatever you choose to do. So go ahead, keep practicing and be on your way to a more successful and better version of you.

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