Hero Dog Saves Owner From Bear Attack In Florida

Size does not matter. At least for this dog who came to rescue his owner, which was being attacked by a black bear.

The victim, 15-year old Leah Reeder from Franklin County was walking her dog behind a supermarket in Eastpoint. While fidgeting with her cellphone, which took her attention, the bear attacked her. “I was down on the ground, and ended up on my face,” narrated Reeder. She added, “The bear was on my back biting me.

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She screamed for help and played dead, after learning the trick in school.  When she went still, the bear stopped moving around but it continued to paw and scratch her.

After a few minutes, the black bear dragged Reeder into the woods behind the supermarket. At that point, her 25-pound English springer spaniel, Ralph began barking and soon lunged at the bear. This made the bear drop Reeder and ran off into the woods.

When the bear left, Reeder seized the chance to walk to her house and ask for help. She sustained injuries in her neck, back, leg and face. A surgery was needed to completely heal her, which would cause a minor scarring in her face.

Despite this, the family is happy she got out of the ordeal alive. Howard Reeder, Leah’s grandfather said, “Her little dog saved her life. For whatever reason, that little dog was able to scare the bear off. Either the little dog bit him or scared him, spooked him off.”

Leah is already recovering after the surgery. Meanwhile, officials from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are still looking for the bear as it was the third time a bear attack was reported in the area. More than 3, 000 black bears are said to reside in the state and while they are no longer under the threatened species list of the state, bears are still protected by Florida law.

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