Here’s An Idea to Those Who Really want to Own Cats but they Can’t

cat café is a theme café whose attraction is cats that can be watched and played with.

Cat cafes are often used by those who cannot have cats in their own homes, for any reason whether it may be for housing restrictions, living situations, or health condition of a family member.

Be glad that there are now some cafes that allow customers to enjoy many of the benefits of owning a cat.

Japan Cat Cafés

NEKOROBI at Ikebukuro Tokyo

cat01image source

cat02image source

NEKO JALALA at Chiyuda-ku Tokyo

cat03image source

cat04image source

cat05image source

CALICO CAT CAFÉ at Shinjuku-ku Tokyo

cat06image source

cat07image source

Korean Cat Cafés

GIO CAT CAFÉ at Hongdae Seoul

cat08image source

cat09image source

LILY CAT CAFÉ at Myeongdong

cat10image source

cat11image source

DALGO CAT CAFÉ at Gunsan South Korea

cat12image source

cat13image source

cat14image source

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source 2

source 3

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