A heartwarming story of a Father who Made an Iron Man Costume for his premature Son to Help him Feel Brave

Eric Hart is a professional prop maker, and his son Collier Hart is four months old and he spent his entire life in hospital. He was born prematurely with underdeveloped lungs and has been hospitalized since birth in a neonatal intensive care unit.

Last Halloween, Hart’s son didn’t get to dress up and go trick or treating the way most babies or kids would get to in their neighborhood. He decided, however, that shouldn’t stop him from having the normal childhood that every kid deserves to have when they are brought into this world.

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In order to help his son feel brave, Hart created a baby Iron Man costume for his son to wear for his first Halloween. Hart used a paper pattern that he found online to create the Iron Man costume out of foam and fabric.

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“Collier’s hooked up to the machines all the time and Iron Man, he built the suit because he needed a machine to keep himself alive,” he told RightThisMinute.

“I just thought if he had a little Iron Man suit he could come home with us.”

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Way to go, Dad.  God Bless your family

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