These Glass-like creatures have nothing to hide

Transparent animals are creatures with transparent, glass-like skin and can be found lurking in abundance in ecosystems around the globe. Their Transparent skin helps them to hide below and above the waves to hide themselves from predators. Transparency is usually found in pelagic animals those that live in the sea or in lakes.

Expert says that all ocean animals that do not have teeth, toxins or the ability to speed away from predators, have some degree of invisibility which can range from 20% to 90% depending on their size. Some underwater creatures such as jellyfish are all made of a gelatinous material, which in addition to camouflage has numerous benefits. It is largely incompressible in water, so it allows the creatures to live in highly-pressurised deep waters, but is buoyant enough to let them float effortlessly along.

These fascinating, verging-on-invisible organisms are the tangible ghosts of the real world.

Here are 15 of the world’s most intriguing transparent animals.

1. Jellyfish

2. Tortoise Shell Beetle

3. Barton Springs Salamandertransparent03

4. Glass Catfishtransparent04

5. Sea Angeltransparent05

6. Transparent Jumping Spidertransparent06

7. Glass Octopustransparent07

8. Clear Slugtransparent08

9. Crocodile Icefishtransparent09

10. Ghost Shrimptransparent10

11. Glasswing Butterflytransparent11

12.  Cyanogastertransparent12

13. Glass Squidtransparent13

14. Big Skatetransparent14

15. Warty Comb Jellytransparent15

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