Friends Prank Their Drunken Friend Who Passed Out Thinking That He Is Actually In Coma For 10 Years!

Tom Mabe and Jim Clark pulled of the prank by making a small office turned into a hospital room.

As expected, the man who passed out and again on its own truck giving them friends, Tom and Jim the opportunity to take him inside the fake hospital room. They say, friends won’t let you drink and drive, but true friends, will let you drink so hard that you will pass out and would take then opportunities to make fun of you, not to harm you.

They let their friend thinks he got into a car accident and have been comatose for 10 years! Watch the video to see how Tom reacted and how emotional he gets about this prank, the true friend that he is, appeals to his friend about the possible effects of his addiction with alcohol.


*video credit: MabeInAmerica via

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