Friends Of Boy Scout Who Died Came Together To Make His Dream Come True

16-year old Noah Cornuet only had one goal before he died: to be an Eagle Scout. And he was close to achieving his dream but in an unfortunate turn of events, Noah passed away.

A member of his high-school football team, Noah collapsed after his football practice and soon died. Doctors discovered the cause of death to be a rare heart tumor, which had no symptoms or indications. His death was sudden and it was a blow not just to his family but to the community as well.

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Before he passed away, Noah has already begun his Eagle Scout project. He was heavily involved in improving and cleaning up the grounds of Puckety United Presbyterian Church located in Lower Burrell. The mulch around he church and the nearby playground had already been replaced by Noah. He had also set an inlaid cross in the yard in front of the church and had placed two military headstones in the cemetery.

Still, a lot remains to be done and Noah was unable to see it complete.

But his scouting troop has a plan. Troop 180 from Tarentum converged together and worked on Noah’s dream in hopes of getting their friend his Eagle Scout badge, even posthumously.

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Around 80 people gathered in the church grounds one Saturday. Some removed weeds from the garden, others built a ramp for a nearby wooden shed, and some took the task of painting the building and handicapped lines in the parking lot. In the nearby cemetery, another set of people went to take out white posts cemented in the boundary between the road and cemetery.

Noah’s parents were overwhelmed with the support their son’s project has received. They never expected him to affect people in such a manner.

But Noah’s friends were only very much willing to do so. According to his teammate Andrew Riggatir, Noah liked to help others out and is very kind. That is why many people thought it would be nice to help out as a way to honor their fallen friend.

The review board is set to discuss Noah’s project soon and many expect him to finally receive his lifelong dream of becoming an Eagle Scout, even after his death.

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