Former Homeless Man Helps The Homeless

Eric, a formerly homeless man, epitomizes the power of giving back. Eric had received many donations from an online donation page earlier this year, now he is wanted to help those who are in the same predicament he was in before.


Eric was first featured in a viral video produced by Magic of Rahat, a Self-proclaimed “magician prankster” and YouTube sensation.

In the video shot back in March, Rahat made Eric believed that he won a lottery. However, the $1,000 he received wasn’t from a lucky ticket – it was just an elaborate, feel-good “prank”. Jokes aside, many viewers were blown away with Eric’s reaction after receiving the money – he immediately wanted “to share it.” This selfless act by him attracted many viewers to email Rahat asking him how they can directly donate money to give Eric a fresh start. Rahat then create an online donation page which has raised more than $40,000.

In the recent video of Magic of Rahat, Eric once again showed an act of generosity.

In the video Eric approaches a homeless man performing music outside of a store and offers him a hotel room to stay in.


Overwhelmed by the proposal, the man refuse to take Eric up on his offer. But Eric didn’t stop convincing him until he ‘gives in’.

They share an emotional embrace after the homeless man sees the space he can call home for the next month.

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