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Five Things You Do Not Know About Introverts

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Introverts have been stereotyped as the quiet, shy and tortured people we see around us but this is hardly the case. There are a lot of misconceptions about these people who are the opposite of noisy and boisterous. Here are some things you need to know to understand introverts better.

1. They are not always shy.

While many introverts ARE shy, it doesn’t follow that they are. It is not a synonym for shyness. A lot of introverts could be outgoing, social and not at all “nervous when talking to others.” One great example is the successful Bill Gates. Yes, he is quiet but he is able to speak and lead a group of people in spite of him being an introvert.

2. They could be awesome leaders.

Because people assume that introverts are quiet and shy, many think that introverts are not capable of leading an organization or other people. However, many introverts have already proven this hypothesis wrong with the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. Some traits innate with introverts such as good listening skills, calm demeanor and deep thinker actually gives them an advantage in leading a team.

3. They are not all creative or “artsy.”

The quiet demeanor and silent type are often mistaken for being “artsy” but that is not the case. While introverts enjoy a lot of time alone to comtemplate and think of many things that push their creative buttons in overdrive, not all introverts are able to translate this creativity in outward form or art. Some introverts prefer the sciences and math over art when given the choice for their career.

4. They have a different idea to unwind then Extroverts.

Most introverts prefer relaxation where they are able to think deeply and get lost in their thoughts. Unlike their counterparts who equate unwinding with meeting new people and a busy environment

5. They like other people.

Contrary to popular belief, introverts do NOT hate people. They just have a different idea on relationships that extroverts do. Introverts prefer to have deep friendships with people, even if they are just a few. For them, relationship is about the quality and not the quantity.

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