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First Date: 9 Etiquette Rules To Help You Make A Great Impression

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The first few minutes of a first date are almost always awkward. It’s when nerves are still a bit frazzled and you haven’t really relaxed into the whole situation yet. Your mind is preoccupied with trying to take yourself up a notch higher in the awesomeness scale. Not because you want to prove anything but because you want to ensure that what you put out there is the best you.

While having an amazing date is really up to and the one you’re meeting, it also helps that you put in a little effort into it. Check out this hand etiquette to guide you in making a lasting impression in your first date.

1. Be on time

Being on time is for a date is not about being too eager or desperate to hook up. It’s about respecting the time of the person you are meeting up with. Sure, things happen but you wouldn’t want your date to wait and think he’s been stood up, right? In the same way that you don’t want that to happen to you. So if you’re running late for our scheduled time, just be sure to inform your date about it.

2. Keep the phone away

Unless you’re a medical doctor on-call or it’s really an emergency. Even if you don’t find your date interesting, it is still rude to be checking your phone all the time especially when someone is having a conversation with you. If you must really take a call or answer a text, kindly let your date know and best if you stand up from the table and take the call away from it. But be sure to keep it short and keep the stories for later.

3. Do not be judgmental

Of course, you still have to keep your standards because that is what will guide you in knowing what you want and are looking for. But dating is an opportunity to meet interesting people so do keep an open mind. Especially if it’s a physical thing, say your date has a great personality but is shorter than you or he was wearing corduroy pants but is very interesting. Give your date the benefit of the doubt.

4. Listen to what they are saying.

If your date is starting to bore you with talk of his work in the stock market, it’s okay. But do still listen so that you could get to know your date better. Plus it would give you something more to say to the conversation so you could steer it in another topic that interests you.

5. Ask questions

Going on a date is getting to know the person better. You would not be able to do this if you don’t create conversation. And the best way to do that is ask questions.

6. Know your standards and keep it

If your date says or does something that really doesn’t sit well with you, do not be afraid to let the person know (in a gentle way of course). This would help both you and your date to understand better what you are looking for at the moment.

7. Do not talk about your ex

If they ask, then just be casual about it and be as honest and comfortable as you can. But as a way to strike a conversation, this is a definite no-no and could also signify that you’re not ready to be out with anyone, even if for a friendly dinner.

8. Do not fight over the bill just because

For the girls, if he offers and you’re comfortable with it, then let him pay. If not, then just causally ask to split the bill. But do so not because you want to prove to the guy that you’re nice and that you can perfectly take care of yourself. For the guys, do offer to pay especially if it was you who asked for the date.

9. Do not be afraid to cut the date short

Especially if you are not up for a nightcap anymore or you want/ need to do something else. It’s your time and life and you are under no obligation to anyone, much less your date, to extend the date if you don’t like to.

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