The Fear of Thunder and Lightning

Are you afraid of the thunder and lightning? Thunderstorms are unpredictable. They can sometimes increase fast and produce damaging winds, cloud to ground lightning that comes crashing downward, tornadoes, or perhaps flooding. Most Children are terrified by loud thunder and lightning at night. And if you fear lightning and thunder, as many children, indoor pets and some adults do, then you may have astraphobia.

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How often do you see kids get scared off by lightning? How often do you see adults get scared off by lightning? Extreme fear of Thunder is Called Astraphobia which came from the Greek “astrape,” meaning thunder, and “phobos” or fear. Fear of Lighting is Brontophia. It is a certain type of anxiety disorder that is triggered by the exposure to a particular entity.

When a child’s normal fears of lightning and thunder are not addressed by adults, the fears can grow into a phobia. No matter how strong your fear or phobia of thunder and lightning, hypnosis can eliminate it.

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A person with astraphobia will seek comfort and reassurance from others, and as a matter of course, will find a room where there are people. An astrophobic person is always alert on weather reports, or any signs of a storm. They are being virtually obsessed with weather forecasts. So a person suffering from astraphobia is indeed likely to keep the TV on stations such as the Weather Channel especially during rainy seasons, or searching for any storm forecast online. Even though they are already inside a house, they will still possibly hide in the basement, under the bed, or inside the closet. They will make noises and cover their ears to tune out the thunder. In some rather extreme circumstances, astraphobia can ultimately lead to agoraphobia or the fear of leaving one’s home.

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Treatment of astraphobia should consider repeating calming phrases during a storm, and/or breathing exercises, therapists most often use cognitive-behavioural techniques. Such treatments include soothing messages that should be repeated during thunderstorms in order to replace one’s negative thoughts. Visualization exercises are also employed for getting rid of such irrational fears.

One of the best to way to feel comfortable during these times is to sing your favorite song. =)

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