A Father Reacts To His Son’s Math Score. Best Reaction Ever!


For a boy from Nottingham, England, getting a C to pass his math course was a reason for celebration. But it was even more important because of what it meant to his father.

Aria Shahrokhshahi had been having a really hard time passing math, which was keeping him from getting into college.

“In England you need a C to basically … do anything, to go to college, to get a job, anything,” Aria said in an interview with the Deseret News. “I wanted to do it for myself and my dad so I could prove something to both of us.”

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When Farnoosh, Aria’s father, notice that his son was struggling he decided to help him with his lesson. Every night they will review the tests which Aria previously failed.

After taking the final test, Aria was worried he would not receive a passing grade. But he was surprised when his teacher told him he had passed. Knowing how happy his father would be, he secretly filmed his reaction.

Aria did not post the video on YouTube for seven months because he initially wanted to keep it private, but he later decided he wanted to share it.  After 4 days, the YouTube video gained over 2 million views.

Aria is now attending college and studying culinary arts, and he also dreams to join in the Royal Air Force after college.

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