Family Meets An “Angel” Who Gave Them Their Best Christmas Yet

While everyone was busy unwrapping presents and eating sumptuous meals prepared for hours on Christmas, a family of five was huddled in an inn, grateful to have met an angel before the clock struck twelve.

This angel came in the form of receptionist Denise Wehrkamp from Sioux Falls who helped the shivering family just in time for Christmas.

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It was an ordinary day for Wehrkamp. She was seated in front of her window when she noticed a woman with a kid walking in the biting cold. “I was just looking out the window and I saw a lady walking by with her stroller. In the snow. And all I saw was this little guy, his arms flailing and I thought oh my goodness,” she said. Wasting no time, she went to her car to follow them and saw a offered a ride to where they were headed.

She dropped them at the Budget Inn so they could warm up. She realized they needed help and she knew she should do something.  After that, she decided to go out to get some food, clothes and other necessities they may need.

Wehrkamp sought the help of her colleagues at the Byrnes and Vista Comm. They were able to come up with $365, which was enough to buy them food, clothes and some presents to celebrate Christmas. “We got them a whole turkey dinner. And then we brought them some fruit, apples and oranges,” said Wehrkamp.

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The children were so excited to receive presents. 13-year old Krystena Prue said, “I was surprised and happy. I never had a Christmas like this. And this is like the best Christmas I can get.”

Wehrkamp was so happy she could help and she hopes that it would not be the last time she’d spend time with this family.

“It’s just. I know we’re supposed to be Jesus’ hands and feet on earth,” she shared. “And that’s what I feel like we’re doing here. Just loving people because Jesus blessed us and we want to bless others,” she added.

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