Experts’ Advice For Cat Lovers Out There: ‘Don’t stroke your cat for too long, you’ll stress it out!’

According to survey done by Cats Protection, a leading cat charity, 53% of people do not know how to cope with stressed cat and they usually ‘think’ that petting them is the answer. It may look comforting but stroking and snuggling is actually bad for your feline because it can cause them stress, according to a recent study.

Nicky Trevorrow, Cats Protection’s behaviour manager, said: ‘Being held or stroked for too long can be very stressful for some cats. Space and peace is often what they need’

*image source: / Alamy

‘Owners love their animals and want them to be happy but our research has highlighted a lack of understanding of stress triggers for cats and how to deal with them.’

The survey also shows that 55 % did not know that living with another cat or dog can cause stress, while, 51 % of the owners failed recognize that behavior such as wetting and soiling in the house as a sign of stress.

This is carried out by BBC2 Horizon documentary, for their series entitled: “Cat Watch 2014”, where 100 cats were tracked using GPS and micro-cameras and examined in three different environments.

*image source: / Alamy

The series reveals the secret language of cats and why they meow, how they transformed from pampered pet to predator and how they see, hear and smell the world with the sense of their wild ancestors.

It will be aired on Tuesday, October 7.


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