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Exercises That Don’t Feel Like Exercises

Wanting to lose weight but you find exercising to be a drag? Fret not because you can get your dose of workout even without setting foot in the gym regularly to use hulking machines, do repetitive movements and lift weights. There are so many fun and enjoyable exercises that don’t feel like boring workouts.

If you’re ready to zap those excess pounds without doing all sorts of dreary and tiring traditional exercises, read on. Below are some wonderful ways to get the workout your body needs without feeling like you’re exercising.

1. Clean the house.

Doing this benefits your body as well as your abode. You find cleaning a drag? No worries. Listen to upbeat songs to help you accomplish a lot and burn those unwanted calories.

2. Play video games.

The best gaming console to use is the one that requires you to be on your feet and flail your arms about like crazy. Try playing for an hour for some exciting time as you tone your arm muscles and burn lots of calories.

3. Hit the playground.

Especially if you love kids, playing with them allows you to get in shape. Climb up the slides, swing across those monkey bars, etc. Being in the playground is great way to get in shape and meet new little friends.

4. Ride the bike to your office.

It saves you from getting stuck in traffic as well as keeps you from spending lots of cash on gas. As a bonus, you get to save the environment and workout those leg and lower abdominal muscles.

5. Use a standing desk at the office.

Sitting all day long won’t get you in shape. Install a standing desk where you can check out reports, read snail mails, etc. while standing up and burning a few extra calories.

6. Grow your own garden.

All of those pulling, digging, pruning and watering help tone your muscles and burn a lot of excess calories. It’s a fantastic idea to grow organic fruits, vegetables and herbs that are good for your health and figure.

7. Learn martial arts.

Kung fu, taekwondo, karate, judo, muay thai, jiu-jitsu — all of these popular martial arts and more are wonderful forms of exercises. The skill you learn may also come in handy when it’s time to defend yourself.

8. Dance to the beat.

Try doing salsa, belly, tap, hip-hop or line dancing for just a few minutes and you will be sweating like crazy! With your entire body moving, dancing allows you to work out your muscles from head to toe.

9. Go on a hike.

Especially when the weather is phenomenal, exploring the wild outdoors allows you to get in touch with nature as well as turn your dream body into a reality without feeling like you’re doing boring exercises.

10. Skip the coffee date.

Rather than spend minutes sitting at a table drinking gourmet coffee, suggest a more active engagement such as a game of ping pong or frisbee while shooting the breeze.

11. Take a plunge in the swimming pool.

Swimming is a wonderful exercise because it’s low-impact and it works out your arms, legs and torso. Especially when those hot summer months strike, it makes for a suitable workout.

12. Make love more.

Lock the bedroom door and you know the rest.


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