Dog’s Last Day On Earth Celebrated By Owners Through A Series Of Photographs

Meet Dukey, a black Labrador from Houston, Texas. He had been diagnosed with cancer in 2013, which cost him his leg. This year, the cancer returned to Dukey and it was not going anywhere.

Jordan Roberts, Dukey’s owner was heartbroken when she found out her lovable Labrador has cancer. Dukey was hit with a bone tumor called osteosarcoma and veterinarians cut off his front right leg to stop it from spreading. In 2014, a year after Duke’s leg was removed, veterinarians found out that the tumor was only getting bigger and was causing him so much pain. Dukey’s owners couldn’t find it in their heart to put him down. However, it was decided to protect him from getting suffering any longer.

dukey 1

Unlike other patients suffering from a terminal illness, Jordan wanted to make dukey’s last day on earth something he will never forget. After scheduling the euthanization with the vet on July 7, she contacted a photographer friend, Robyn Arouty to take photos of Dukey on his last day. The photos were posted on Arouty’s blog along with a narration of the dog’s last day, written from the perspective of Dukey.

dukey 2

Jordan made a party out of Dukey’s last day. “I died today. And I ate a lot of hamburgers,” were the opening lines of Arouty’s blog. Dukey was photographed eating a lot of hamburgers and having the time of his life with Jordan.

After which, they went to a local park where Dukey played in the water playground for the last time. “We got wet today,” he described. Later adding, “We felt grateful today. We broke rules today.”

dukey 3

The party then transferred to a nearby picnic area where a blanket was laid and a veterinarian was waiting. Dukey was able to receive goodbye kisses from his friends and family before being euthanized.

As his last words in the blog said, “I relaxed today.  I felt the love today.”

dukey 4

It may have been very difficult for Jordan and her family to let Dukey go but the way his last day on earth was made special by those who loved him is something that no one, human or animal, could ever forget.

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