De-Clutter Your Home For The New Year In 5 Simple Ways

Our well-being are often times influenced by the state of our homes. It’s always a nice thing to come home to an organized house as it radiates a sense of harmony. Chaos at home could reflect in how we deal with our work, finances and relationships.

This 2015, let us begin the new year with an organized space. Whether you plan to give away or sell stuff you may not need anymore, removing clutter from our homes gives us a feeling of accomplishment. Aside from that, it’s also the best time to re-arrange furniture. Who knows, you just might discover that one item you thought you lost all those months ago underneath the sofa.

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Begin by starting small. Concentrate on the most urgent space for you clean up. This way, the task would seem less overwhelming than when you just imagined cleaning up the whole house. Every time you see a small area of your room gets fixed, you become more encouraged to continue the task.

Focus on one task at a time. De-cluttering your home would definitely include many things for you to do and trying to cross off things from your to-do list all at the same time could be very staggering. Not only that, doing so would spread your energy thinly. If you want to clean up the kitchen tiles first, don’t do it the same time you want to sort out old clothes. It will only keep you longer at two tasks for the same period of time.

Set a time frame for when you plan to finish organizing your home. This way you’d have a goal to work out for. Not having a time frame only encourages slacking off. While there’s always another day to start re-organizing your home, the best time to begin is always now.

Have a schedule. When you plot a schedule to clean up your house, it helps in actually achieving the time frame you have set for yourself.

Stay motivated. Putting your house back in order is never easy. There is no stopping what you can come up that needs fixing at home. Often times, tasks pile up. When that happens, always go back to your goal. Remember that de-cluttering your house is not just about weeding out things but all about having an organized lifestyle.

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