Cute Dog With His Own Suitcase Left On A Scottish Train Station

Taking care of pets is a big responsibility. Like humans, dogs, cats, birds and other animals need to be fed, cleaned and provided with a place to rest to ensure their standard of living.

Sometimes owners fail to consider all these factors when they acquire a pet for their home. When this happens, owners are forced to give their pets away to someone who would be able to take good care of them. In other cases, the pets are abandoned and left to fend for themselves.

Such seemed to be the case for one adorable dog which was found abandoned in a train station in Scotland.

Kai, a charming Sharpei mix, was found tied to one of the railings outside the train station of Ayr last Friday. He was found with a suitcase beside him. When authorities opened the luggage, they discovered a pillow, a toy, a bowl and a pack of dog food, apparently Kai’s favorite.

dog left in train station 1image source 

Authorities have discovered his name through his microchip. They also discovered his former owners who said they sold Kai on the website Gumtree in 2013. However, they have no information on where to find the ones who purchased the dog.

Abandoning a pet is punishable in Scotland under the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2006. Authorities are still searching for the one who left this sweetie on his own and has sought the help of anyone who could give any useful information in tracking the person responsible.

But it seemed that Kai would not be homeless for a long time. Since his photo was shared on social networks, many have already expressed their desire to adopt the cute pooch.

dog left in train station 2image source

He remains at a rehoming center while officials investigates the matter. Inspector Stewart Taylor from the Scottish SPCA hope that the incident would serve as a lesson for everyone on the consequences of impulse animal buying.

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