Couple Held Hands for 700 Years — Til Death Do Us Part

Archaeologists from the University of Leicester have been digging the “nowhere to be found” chapel of St. Morrell in east Leicestershire and have newly broadcasted the discovery of 11 human skeletons so far, all of which date back about 700 years. Two of these skeletons include a man and a woman who were buried together and have been holding hands since the 14th century — til death do us part, it is.

photo credit: University of Leicester Achaeological Services (ULAS)

The happy couple refused to be parted by death when they were discovered by a team of archaeologists. “We have seen similar skeletons before from Leicester where a couple has been buried together in a single grave,” Vicki Score of the University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS) said in a press release. “The main question we find ourselves asking is why were they buried up there? There is a perfectly good church in Hallaton. This leads us to wonder if the chapel could have served as some sort of special place of burial at the time.

Whatever the motive for them to be buried away from the main church, the bodies were still situated east-west, as was the Christian tradition of the day. This was done to prepare the dead for the Resurrection. Ministry members were buried facing the opposite direction, as to be facing the parishioners.

Moreover to the lovers holding hands, the archaeologists discovered an older man who looks to have died as an effect from a blow to the head, possible from a pole axe during fight.



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