Couple Adopted A Mini Pig Which Turned Out To Be Not Small At All

The movie, “Babe,” which featured a pig who wanted to be a sheepdog, caught our hearts when we saw how charming the piglet, which played Babe, was. Perhaps, it is with this thought that Derek Walter and Steve Jenkins from Toronto, Canada adopted a “mini-pig” and brought it home as a pet with their two other dogs.

The pig was born in a farm in 2012. However, it was rejected by the farm owners for being a “micro pig” and was put off for sale. The couple decided to get the pig and give her the name, “Esther.” After all, they both thought that being a mini-pig, she would not grow so big.

Jenkins recalled, “We were told she was six months old and we were told she would be 70 pounds when she was full grown.” But years passed and signs begin to show that Esther is no mini-pig. She was a piglet. And piglets grow big. Really big. So did Esther.

Two years after they adopted her, Esther now weighs 670 pounds!

minipigimage source

Since the pig became part of the couple’s lives, the two have become fully vegan. Of course, it would be quite rude to partake of Esther’s relatives. They also encourage friends and family of the importance in choosing their food, which sometimes contain, “bacon.” Speaking on the PETA blog, the two said, “We want people to see Esther and make the connection between her and the millions of pigs exactly like her who weren’t so lucky.”

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