A Christmas song for a new generation

Actress Kristen Bell with acappella group Straight No Chaser teamed up to record “Text Me Merry Christmas,”

In Some Time, we’ve come a long way from postcards and holiday letters. This holiday season, why not send your loved one a sweet text message?


Actress Kirsten Bell made a version of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is you” using social media language. In a collaboration with acapella group Straight No Chaser, Bell made her rendition of Mariah’s song and made it “Text Me Merry Christmas.”

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Kristen said of the song, “The lyrics are smart and creative and musically it was a blast to sing a cappella with Straight No Chaser. I’m excited to be a part of what could be a Christmas classic for our current generation.”

A new Christmas song is on its way to your playlist that will both give fun and cool sound to your everyday listening, especially now that it is almost December. If you want entertaining and catchy in your Christmas playlist, try listening to the song.

Here’s the full video of it

Enjoy and Merry Christmas to everyone!!! =)

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