Chick-Fil-A Owner Gives Homeless Man Own Gloves And Food For Free

In any business, profit is a priority. So when a man enters a restaurant asking for food in exchange for chores, what do you do? Do you tell the man to leave as you have enough staff to do the chores? Or do you let the man stay and treat him nicely like any paying customer would?

Alabama Chick-fil-A owner Mark Meadows did the latter.

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Customer Andrea Stoker, who was dining in the restaurant with her son that day, caught the whole exchange and shared it in social media network, Facebook.

Apparently, a young man entered the Alabama branch of the popular fast food joint to escape the cold. It was around 35 degrees outside with strong winds and the man looked weary, carrying all his things in one big backpack.

The man entered the joint and as soon as he did, Meadows approached the man to ask if there’s anything he could be of service to him. Before the man could even answer, the manager inquired if he had any gloves with him. Seeing that he did not, Meadows went to the table he was previously sitting at, got his own gloves and gave it to the shivering man.

But Meadows not only gave the man his gloves, he also asked one of his employees to get something from the kitchen so the young man could have something to eat and told him it’s “on the house.” Soon as the food arrived and the man had respite from the cold, he left. But not after thanking Meadows for the kindness.

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Since Stoker posted the photo of Meadows and the man in her Facebook page, it has already gotten more than 78,000 likes.

This was not the first time the Chick-fil-A owner went out of his way to help others. In 2014, when the “Snowpocalypse” buried more than half of Alabama under the snow, Meadows was seen handing out chicken sandwiches and chicken biscuits for free to drivers stuck along Highway 280.

When asked why he kept on doing nice things for others, Meadows have a simple answer: “It’s the right thing to do.”

*images captured via youtube video

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