California Nurse Has Unique Way Of Caring For Patients

It’s not often that people go the extra mile when it comes to their work. Some do their duties just to get paid. However, there are others who do more than they could. Their passion and enthusiasm helps them go beyond what is asked of them, much to the delight of their clients.

Meet Jared Axen. Jared is a nurse in California. His work at the Valencia Hospital entails most of his time dealing with those who are terminally ill and some senior patients.

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As a nurse, his tasks include checking on his patients, making sure they feel comfortable and distributing their medications. But Jared’s passion for his vocation leads him to do something else. What does he do?

Jared sings to his patients.

It all started when he began singing as he walked down the corridors of the hospital. Soon he noticed that some patients would peek outside their rooms and listen to him sing Broadway songs. An idea formed in his mind.

One time, he decided to sing to an elderly patient who was feeling uncomfortable. He sat on his patient’s bedside and held her hand as he sang. It soon became a routine for him.

Jared would visit his patients and do his usual duties. After that he’d sit down for a while, hold his patient’s hand and sing. His soothing and melodic voice often moves his patients to tears.

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Recently, Jared became and Internet sensation as a video of him singing to a patient went viral.

But Jared is not after the fame. For him, he does it for the benefit of his patients. He noticed that some of the people he looks after has improved after listening to him. While not drastically, minor changes were noticed. Some of them don’t ask for mood stabilizers anymore and other pain relievers throughout the day. On the other hand, those who are in discomfort find it easier to fall asleep while he sings songs.

Check out the video below and know more about Jared’s story.

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