Boys Priceless Reaction to Journalist’s Request to Slap a Girl

This video is a testament that sometimes kids are smarter than the adults.

Luca Lavarone, a video journalist who is based in Italy, wanted to bring the spotlight on one of the most sensitive issues known worldwide – violence against women. He initiated a social experiment and what happened surprised him.

 boys priceless reaction

He approached children between the age of 6-11 to participate in the test. In the experiment, the boys were introduced to a pretty girl, Martina and were then asked to do three things first while Lavarone film the whole thing. First thing he asked was for the young lads to pay Martina a compliment, second was to caress her and third was to make a funny face to make her laugh.

All these three things, the boys did easily.

Now comes the last request. While still recording, Lavarone asked the boys to slap the girl. Hard.

Watch the boys’ reaction to Lavarone’s fnal request and find out why they reacted in that way.

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