Blogger Mary Katharine Ham has a Wild Theory that the Movie “Frozen” and “The Shining” are of The Same

Mary Katharine starts by comparing Frozen’s setting of Arendelle (left) to The Shining’s Overlook Hotel (right)

frozen1image source

ELSA and JACK both the main character compares their leadership position being danger to their family

frozen2image source

Anna and Danny as an innocent Protagonist

frozen3image source

Olaf and Wendy

The goofy supporting character

frozen4image source

Kristoff & Sven  /Hallorann & Snowcat  both a snowsuit-clad rescuer

frozen5image source

Elsa’s sanctuary—her ice palace on the North Mountain—and Jack’s, the Gold Ballroom, whose walls and bar back are covered in iridescent, mirrored tile of some sort.

frozen6image source

frozen7image source

frozen8image source

Hans and Grady

frozen9image source

The Escape in the window

frozen91image source

The Ending… An Act of Love

frozen92image source


Check out Ram’s Full Theory about the two Movies HERE


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