Blind Chef Fulfills Dreams With Opening A Restaurant Of Her Own In Chicago

Cooking up a culinary masterpiece is an art and a challenge in itself. Not only do you have to have the patience to wait for the final product, you must also have the creativity to come up with unique recipes that not only tickle the palate, but the stomach too.

Chef Laura Martinez is blessed with both. She has the ability to cook up gastronomic delights after being mentored by the late Charlie Trotter. Her passion to delight her customers with her cooking is very commendable. So is her determination. You see, unlike other chefs, Laura is blind.

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The Mexican chef began her love affair for culinary delights at a very young age. It started with her fascination for knives that almost made her consider becoming a surgeon. Eventually, her stomach won out and she began to enjoy cooking more.

Laura lost her eyesight when at a young age. She was diagnosed with eye cancer and eventually lost the battle for her eyesight. But she did not let that stop her from doing what she loves most.

She proceeded to make her dream of becoming a chef come true and earned a degree from Le Cordon Blue College of Culinary Arts in 2010. It was there that the famous Charlie Trotter discovered her and offered her a job. Trotter was so impressed with Laura’s determination and use of her senses that he knew he just had to hire her.

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However, when Trotter’s restaurant closed down a few years ago, Laura had a hard time finding a new employment after that. So she turned to her Plan B, which was to open a restaurant of her own.

Now, after years in the making, Laura has opened her own restaurant, La Diosa, in Chiacgo. The place would feature a Mexican-French fusion, which she chose as an ode to her Mexican roots and as tribute to the late Trotter.

Those who taste her food would find it hard to believe that it was prepared by someone who has limited vision. According to Laura, she may not see in colors but her imagination is very much alive.

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