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Becoming a Minimalist: A List of Material (and downright superficial) Things that Should Not Impress You Any Longer

Minimalism is defined as a style, technique or even lifestyle that is characterized by extreme simplicity. In other words—less clutter, less worry, but more beautiful. You are a minimalist if you are interested in keeping things simple; with a very minimal degree of something.

In most cases, becoming a minimalist changes a person’s viewpoint. What started as a campaign to own a lesser amount of stuff can lead to a shift on how you view the world around you. Most minimalists are now in the process of re-evaluating how society in general defines success. The burning fact is, those who make more, spend more and keep those resources for themselves are often tagged as the “successful ones”.

But this line of thinking is most unfortunate, for there are a lot of really successful people in this planet who are not labelled as such mostly because they chose to spend less on material things. These people may be rarely seen, probably because they don’t often get much recognition. The desire to be admired and appreciated by others seemed to be hardwired into most people’s brains, therefore, more often than not, people will decidedly abandon a lot of worthy pursuits in favour of getting temporary success and adulation.

Enter the minimalists’ more refreshing view of the world—to focus on what’s more important and let go of worldly activities that only seeks personal accolades. If you’re one of those who have decided to alter their perspective of the world, here’s a list of things that should no longer impress you:

1. Your clothing’s tag or brand name.

Yes, people pay for premium quality. The clothes that you wear should fit you well and make you feel comfortable—the brand on the inside of your shirt should not matter anymore. Oftentimes, people were quite willing to pay excessive amounts for something that will allow them to become walking brand ambassadors or billboards for that matter. But for now, the logo on someone’s shirt should no longer impress you, instead be on the lookout for those people who are comfortable in wearing timeless fashion and seeks to create an impression by their characters and not by the clothes they don.

2. How heavy your gold bracelet is or how many carats you have on your ring.

3. The wide expanse of your home.

Houses offer shelter and protection. It represents a worthy investment. But when you go past the material things and beauty and go way practical, you’ll see how happy you can also be in a smaller home—so long as your family is together; you’ll be just fine.

4. The brand of your car.

Cars take you from point A to B. The most important things to consider would be reliability and safety when purchasing any kind of vehicle. Luxury cars (and other sports cars) no longer appeal to practicality but to extravagance; they’re no longer about transportation, instead they’re more for show and attention.

5. The amount of money in your bank account.

People have come to accept the fact that money is the measure of someone’s success. But looking at a deeper perspective, isn’t the amount of good you’re able to do a better measure of your success in life?


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