Be Likable In Your Interviews With These 5 Tips

While your skills and experience would lead you to get a job, your likability also plays a huge part in the impression you set for yourself.

Here are 5 things you should consider when attending a job interview so you increase your chances of appealing to the interview gods who hold your career in their hands.

1. Be on time.

They say first impressions always last. And this goes true especially when it comes to attendance. Think of your interview as an opportunity to present your behavior when hired. Nobody wants an employee that comes in later than the boss.

Time is a precious commodity and you must respect it and others by honoring the time set up for your appointment. If you are not familiar with the venue of your appointment, allot extra time for traveling and look up the address in advance so you wouldn’t get lost.

2. Be prepared.

It speaks volumes when someone comes in prepared for an interview. It gives an impression that you are serious with your application. Not only that, coming in prepared sets of an impression that you are someone who has initiative.

It’s best to ask the name of and designation of your interviewer so you know who you are up against. You can also research on the company and study the job description of the post you are applying for so you can arm yourself with the right knowledge.

3. Don’t be too confident.

No one wants a know-it all. But seriously speaking, recruiters and interviewers have a knack at making you feel comfortable. This is needed, otherwise how are you going to answer their nerve-wracking interrogation.

Just because the one who spoke with you paid a compliment on your college achievements does not mean you have the job in the bag. It’s probably just because they sincerely admire your achievements and nothing but. So don’t be smug. Instead, go through your interview with the utmost humility and honesty and see if they are not impressed that you have and understand what it takes to get the job.

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4. Talk to your interviewer, not AT them.

While it’s okay to come in prepared, you don’t need to sound like a robot and speak prepared answers and dialogue. Understand that your interviewers would be more impressed at someone who speaks naturally and truthfully. Engage your interviewer and don’t just spout off answers you’ve memorized in advance.

5. Be respectful.

Whether you’re asked for an opinion or critique of a certain thing, always say things in a respectful manner. Using tact in your dialogue is a true mark of a professional.

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