Baby Talk Actually Makes Sense

This viral video of fraternal twins, Sam and Ren, babbling in the kitchen has people wondering what they are talking about.
Can there be more to baby talk than cooing over cuteness?


The answer is, YES!

According to Dr. Cristina Dye, A lecturer in child language development from Newcastle University,  toddlers are talking. After years of  studying sounds uttered by fifty French  babies between the age of 23 and 37 months,  Dr. Dye discovered that babies were using ‘little words’ such as a, an, can, is, an, far sooner than  expected.


Dr. Dye and her team used advanced recording technology with highly sensitive microphones to  capture sounds babies produced. They found a clear, yet undetected, pattern of sound at exact place that  a grammatical word would normally be uttered.

This leads them to the conclusion that babies are  knowledgeable of grammatical words, but instead of using words they’re using different intonation  patterns of sentences. That  is one way children learn how to talk. Although, it is still unknown to science  how much adult language babies can comprehend and when.

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