This Artist Turns Her 2-Year-Old Daughter’s Sketches Into Beautiful Paintings

Ruth Oosterman and her daughter Eve have a unique hobby and bonding which is sharing a love for art. Ruth is an artist, and 2-year old daughter Eve is an up and coming artist herself at her early age. Not only is Eve absolutely adorable, but she loves creating ink pen drawings and can’t wait to see what her mother will do with them each time.

Eve starts off each work of art using an ink pen, then Ruth steps in and uses watercolor paints to create the final masterpiece. On her blog, Ruth is proud how valuable she finds the whole process and she credits her daughter for teaching her so much. Ruth believes adults can learn a lot from kids in the carefree way that they live life.


She is so adorable, isn’t she?!

Originally, Eve went after an ink pen because this is the medium that she enjoys the most which works well for Ruth too. “It makes it easier to blend into the colors I add and also adds a dark intensity that I wouldn’t be able to create otherwise. It’s part of Eve’s collaborative effort that gets to make an impact throughout the entire painting.”

Check out some of their beautiful creations!

The Lady and The Fox

The Great Owl

The Elephant King

The Red Boat

A Bookworm’s Dream

*videos credit: Ruth Oosterman via

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