These 14 Life Hacks Are Not Only Amazing, They Are Money Saving Too! #10 Is So Clever, Especially For Women!

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We posted a lot of life, home, work and food hacks already in here. But we believe that these 14 hacks are good addition to what you already learned. Check them out and be amazed on how it can help you at your everyday life.

Post-it note to clean out laptop and even desktop keyboards!

Post-it note to clean out keyboards

Toilet Paper Rolls As Seed Starter Pots

Toilet Paper Rolls

Paper Clips For End Of Tape Roll

Paper Clips End Of Tape

Use a laundry basket to keep toys within reach for kids at the bath tub.

Bath Tub Laundry Basket

Don’t burn yourself in those hard to reach candles, light a stick of spaghetti noodles and light the wick with that.


Fill plastic watter bottles a quarter of the way full and lay on the sides and put into freezer. This way when frozen you can fill it with water and have ice cold water on the go!

Water bottle

Newspaper can effectively absorb odor and moisture. Use it for your shoes or even for your favorite fruits and veggies.


Wanted to use chopsticks while eating but too afraid since you don’t know how to use them? Here’s a good tip for you!


Put a shoe caddy on the backseat of a car to easily place everyday items. This is especially useful for long family road trips.

Shoe Caddy At CAr

Money At Sanitary Napkin Package

Money At Sanitary Napkin Pack

Old Tennis Ball As All-In-One Holder

Tennis Ball

Paper Towel Rolls As Cable Organizer

Paper Towel Rolls As Cable Organizer

Bobby pin to get that last bit of toothpaste out

Bobby pin to get that last bit of toothpaste out

Use a waffle maker to make hash browns

Use a waffle maker to make hash browns

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