51 Amazing Ideas On How To Recycle Your Plastic Bottles At Home… #12, 29, & 50 Are So Stunning!

Plastic bottles is non biodegradable, it will last for a lifetime. When plastics is put into waste it will be cut into small pieces and create a new kind of plastic material. These process are very toxic and very harmful for our health and environment. 

Here are some do it yourself ideas for your unused plastic bottles.

1.) This was made in the Philippines. Water and bleach in bottle of coke was fitted on the roof. It absorbs and reflects sunlight and is equal to 55 watt … Cheers to Engineers of


2.) Small hydroelectric generating light with two PET bottles. The device is inserted in a plastic screw cap which creates a kind of luminous hourglass with water flowing between the PET bottles. Source:



3.) Plastic bottle into an elegant flower holder.


4.) As part of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) an enormous outdoor installation of fish was constructed using discarded plastic bottles on Botafogo beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The sculptures are illuminated from the inside at night creating a pretty spectacular light show. Love this. See much more over on this Rio+20 Flicker set. (via hungeree and razor shapes).




5.) Plastic Bottle Tops into an awesome sealer.



6.) DIY book rack out of plastic milk bottles.7611_420526431421731_424336024801398089_n


7.) Detergent plastic bottles upcycled into napkin holder and flower holder. 47004_241225239351852_1873254682_n


8.) Plastic softdrink containers into an awesome garage roofing.423062_175355335938843_2095744859_n


9.) Hanging garden from plastic bottles.545258_318727081601667_364690196_n


10.) Plastic bottles into a wall garden.598346_180250178782692_697394900_n


11.) Flood rescue boat out of plastic softdrink containers.601433_298595183614857_1574927957_n


12.) This is amazing! House made from plastic bottles!643870_217399331734443_128170240_n


13.) Elegant toy basket for kids.969015_260289740778735_212271372_n


14.) Elegant hanging garden.995201_323409001133475_1394864622_n


15.) Halloween decor from plastic milk jugs.1174566_304387399702302_715493458_n


16.) Beautiful chandelier.1235048_337734106367631_781975340_n


17.) Shampoo bottle into a cool pen holder for kids.1235233_391256051015436_705377469_n


18.) Solar Water Distillation1236401_305947156212993_1524961468_n


19.) Bottle trash bin.1461121_337733636367678_403024055_n




20.)Center table.1465360_333765680097807_1378420033_n


21.) Umbrella holder. Dual purpose. Very genius!1475977_335346253273083_1542784766_n

22.) Plastic bottle roofing

Roof design


23.) Magazine holder1505570_359091027565272_1109878394_n


24.) Pig coin bank. Kids will love this!1525134_350003068474068_1659738809_n


25.) Plastic bottle basket!1538780_359662637508111_1384489134_n


26.) Camping spoon1546147_359662304174811_2062579094_n


27.) Sala set out of plastic bottle caps1555297_424356631038711_7739375579235136359_n


28.) Colorful Plastic wall garden idea.1560723_363738630433845_65747865_n


29.) Plastic drum train for kids!1621748_373359786138396_1707674750_n


30.) Dual recycling idea out of old cd and plastic bottles. 1795651_392385124235862_1949456466_n


31.) Pencil holders1800390_382642671876774_1470026654_n


32.) How to make a hanging garden out of plastic bottles.1947545_383735445100830_374936352_n


33.) Make your own spinach garden.10013930_383782285096146_103477281_n




34.) Another hanging wall garden10014901_390594851081556_540913240_n


35.) Bird cage10155707_398868870254154_6213273556851416603_n


36.) A broom out of plastic bottles.10169307_397875540353487_1171373282508601031_n

37.) Unique way to water your plant.10254049_401217790019262_2584676018459123919_n


38.) Plastic leave chandelier.10308085_420526168088424_7578978591780074276_n


39.) Small green house10322831_428896560584718_4387160219929658503_n


40.) Kids home or storage room10325578_413285058812535_6951731921415068531_n


41.) Plastic bottle lanterns10342445_410491222425252_3877756358695381567_n


42.) Food storage10356360_418709801603394_1045208955082448747_n


43.) Cool couch10358718_421621994645508_1079649502901320761_n


44.) Kids will love this during parties.10371655_425246470949727_1555714950580022175_n



45.) Very simple and yet so amazing!10392318_425247117616329_6537896690176768827_n


46.) Cotton holder10410404_425247590949615_344223973652935105_n


47.) Parking roof! So cool!10410415_420058741468500_2523103675251292616_n


48.) Another bird cage idea.10419415_421620914645616_6733695640308434400_n


49.) Indoor garden idea10446501_424573397683701_7651956442821942768_n


50.) Water Purifierb92fac0084b5b74821d0c0d808b3edc2


51.) Clever room dividerec9a2e632ea8494ca3e979f624c976d4


If you have some ideas to share send it to us. Let’s make our world greener.



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