Abused Dog Becomes Guide To Blind Canine Pal In The Most Heartwarming Story Ever

They say “love is blind” and perhaps it is.

At least for these two rescued elderly cocker spaniels who have been inseparable since they were taken out of the animal kill shelter that was going to put them down.

Denny and Drummond are best buds. No one knew how long they have been providing each other company but they are extremely devoted to one another.

How devoted?

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Once rescuers from Angels Among Us took the dogs from the county kill shelter to rehabilitate them, they noticed one thing. Drummond appeared to not wander too far away from Denny and always seem to be quick enough to come to his aid whenever needed.

Denny, the older cocker spaniel from the two, is blind. He lost his eyesight because of years of abuse and neglect. Drummond, on the other hand, only has enough eyesight to guide himself and his best pal, Denny.

One time, the two were playing at the yard of the rehabilitation center. Denny was seen walking towards the chain-link fence but Drummond bounded to his side and moved him hard enough so he would not hit the fence.

According to veterinarian Marcus Smith of the Chattahochee Animal Hospital, that is how they are together.

“They hand out together, they get along really well together, they’re a pretty good team,” observed Dr. Smith.

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When they arrived, the dogs were in bad condition and it was unclear how long they were left neglected.  According to the vet, “They had a really deep skin infection, they had significant eye infections – a lot of things going on with them that had been progressing over time… One developed a cataract.”

But in spite of what they went through, the cocker spaniels are now developing fully well. Once they are healthy enough, they would be put up for adoption together, a blind dog with his very own guide dog until the end.

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