Abandoned Bride Transforms Wedding Dress Into Artwork

Your wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. Walking down the aisle in the most beautiful gown you’ll ever wear, on your way to meet the love of your life to say your vows and stay together ‘til death do you part.

But what if your happily ever after ended even before it happened?

This is exactly what happened to bride-to-be Shelby Swink from Memphis. 23-year old Swink was supposed to marry her boyfriend of four years but five days before the wedding, her fiancé called it off.

The next few days was a blur of calling guests and vendors to let them know it would not push through. Being pitied is the last thing Swink would have wanted for herself so when the day of the supposed wedding arrived, Swink, her parents and a few close friends held a different celebration.

Wedding photographer Elizabeth Hoard had a concept in mind for Swink and it entailed a very important part of the wedding. After Swink heard her suggestion, she knew there was no way she would miss the opportunity to do it.

When Nov. 1 rolled in, it was time to “trash the dress.”

trash dress 1

Her bridesmaids were too cool to join her. When the first splashes of paint hit her and her dress, the gown lost its value and became a mere material thing to her. As more paint splattered on Swink and her gown, she felt free and let go of the hurt and anger that was inside her when she was jilted.

trash dress 2

Even her parents joined in the fun. Initially, it worried her what her parents would think of the idea since they paid for the dress, but what a surprise for Swink when not only do they support the idea, they wanted in on the fun too.

trash dress 3

After the shoot, the dress was displayed in a local bridal shop in Memphis and will stay there until January. Portion of the shop’s sales from this period would be donated to a nonprofit group called, Be Free Revolution.

trash dress 4

Swink’s story is a perfect example of how one could rise above a devastating heartache. When life gives us lemons, it’s the perfect time to make lemonade.

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