A Beautiful Wedding Between An ALS Patient And Nurse Would Bring You To Tears

They met each other in a hospital in Thousand Oaks, California. He was a patient, she was his nurse. Adam was confined getting treatment for Lyme disease and Hollie was there to care for him.

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For a year, they saw each other three times a week every time Adam gets his scheduled treatment. They spent a lot of time together and got to know each other deeper. And then they fell in love.

Adam would visit Hollie and her son Joshua and would spend the whole day with them. Eventually, they decided to take their relationship to the next level and he moved in with her and her son. It was supposed to be a happy ending.

But another challenge is soon to hit the couple. Adam, after kicking Lyme disease in the butt, was diagnosed with ALS. Every day was another day to wake up and fight the disease that is slowly eating away at Adam’s body.

Though Adam’s health began to deteriorate, their love for each other only grew stronger.

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And soon, Adam asked for Hollie’s hand in marriage. Though he tells her that he would understand if she says no, as he doe not want to be a burden, Hollie tells otherwise and the two begin to plan their wedding.

It wasn’t long before Adam lost the use of his legs and he was confined to a wheelchair, but even then, they continued to organize and prepare for their dream day – when Adam and Hollie would be man and wife.

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The long-awaited day soon came. It was the perfect day to get married and celebrate their union with their family and friends. Adam was upbeat and looking excited in his wheelchair while Hollie couldn’t contain her excitement.

The couple had their first dance to The Beatles’ “In My Life” and Adam held Hollie closely sitting on his lap as he whizzed the two of them in circles around the dance floor. Adam eventually adopted Joshua, who only ever knew him as “dad.”

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After a few months, Adam passed away. But the love he and Hollie shared would be forever in her heart.

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