8 year old Boy’s Very Touching Wish to Santa for his Sister

When his mother asked him and his twin sister to write a letter to Santa with their Christmas wishes, Ryan Suffern didn’t ask for a toy. Instead the boy asked Santa to stop kids from bullying his sister, Amber.

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“Dear Santa, I wanted a [remote control] car and helicopter, but I don’t want that anymor. Kid at school are still picking on Amber and it’s not fair because she doesn’t do anything to them. I prayed that they will stop but god is bisy and needs your help. Is it against the rules to give gift early? Can you ask Big Time Rush to come to Amber’s B-day party It will make her so happy. If you can’t get them to come just get her everything she ask for.” He wrote.

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Karen Suffern, mother of the twins, was in awe as she read through her son’s letter.

“Ryan handed me his and told me not to read it so of course I read it to find out what he wanted. That’s when I realized and thought, ‘Oh, my gosh.’ ” Karen said in an interview for

She decided to post the letter on her Facebook page to share with family and a few close friends. However after her friends shared it on their own pages, the letter went viral.

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“It’s amazing and overwhelming at the same time,” Karen said of the response. “Initially, I was kind of upset because it reached so many people and I’m a private person but now I think it’s a topic that needs to be discussed before it becomes too late.”

Because of Ryan’s letter, Karen became aware of Amber’s situation at their school. She later on talked to the school’s teachers and parents of the bullies.

“The school has been in touch and they’re making sure my daughter feels comfortable and safe,” Suffern said. “They moved her on the bus because about 98 percent of the bullying takes place on the bus.  She’s now sitting with her cousin who’s much older than Amber is. Today and yesterday she didn’t wake up begging me to let her stay home, so I guess that’s a good sign,” she said.

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