8 Single Girl Resolutions To Make 2015 The Best Year Ever Yet

Whether 2014 had been a very awesome year you don’t want to forget or you totally can’t wait for it to be gone, thinking of what lies ahead is often a good way to start a new year. It is the time to rethink what has passed and what could be done in the future, adding a few changes on the way. For all the single ladies who are anticipating a better year, we’ve listed some resolutions that could guide you achieve a balanced 2015.

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  1. Get rid of the emotional baggage.
    Some of us carry emotional baggage that has bogged us down for years. LET. IT. GO. Holding on to what has happened will only keep you looking at the past and missing out on a bright future ahead of us.
  1. Find a new hobby and be great at it.
    There are tons of ways to improve how we feel about ourselves and finding something we’re good at is one of it. Whether it’s the salsa lessons you’ve been eyeing for years, learning to speak Chinese or even writing calligraphy, these things add to your skills and keep your preoccupied while you’re single. JUST DO IT. You never know when a new hobby would be useful.
  1. Widen your social scope.
    And by it we mean offline. Nowadays, people are so concerned with the number of friends they have on Facebook that the actual number of friends they spend time with. Unplug and find time to reconnect with your old high school buddies. Schedule a down time with some of your co-workers. Or head out to your neighbor’s coffee shop and meet new friends. The possibilities are endless.
  1. Look after yourself physically.
    A big part of how we feel about ourselves is affected with how we see ourselves. While you don’t need to rock a body as hot as Scarlett Jo (although that would be nice), it’s great to put effort in how we present ourselves. Men get attracted initially by what they see. So even if you have the IQ to match Sheldon’s but you don’t take time to wax your pits or pluck your Frida-esque eyebrows, no one will take a second look at you.
  1. Practice kindness.
    You don’t have to be a saint to do this. It’s not that difficult to say ‘thank you’ to the waiter who handed your food, or hold open the door for the one behind you. A little effort goes a long way.
  1. Don’t depend on others for your happiness.
    You can only rely on yourself for your happiness. No one and nothing can do that for you.
  1. Know your worth.
    Find out your non-negotiables and stick with it. Don’t be swayed by things or people that seem like a great thing but does not value who you are.
  1. You can’t live your life hating those who’ve hurt you.
    It only hurts you more than it affects them. So let go of the bitterness and resentment. Not only will you be more at peace, but your outlook in life will definitely be much better.

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