7 Simple Resolutions For A Better You This 2015

New Year is fast approaching. And with it comes the hope for a fresh start and a chance to give up the nasty habits we have acquired the past year. And while it always seem so easy to come up with our New Year’s resolutions, we all know it’s a lot harder to see it through.

Perhaps, as we go through the next year our priorities change and what we wrote on the night of Dec. 31st does not really matter anymore. Or maybe, we just got too lazy to continue the unrealistic goals we have set for ourselves. Regardless of the reasons, coming up with a list to change our lives for the better is never a bad idea.

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Don’t know what to improve on? No worries! I’ve listed a few simple resolutions for anyone who would want this 2015 to be their best year yet.


This is a no-brainer. Research has proven that people who spend a lot of time indoors are more prone to depression. Exposure to the sun minimizes our body’s production of serotonin, which causes depression. Aside from that, staying outdoors is also uplifting as you get a chance to enjoy the beautiful creation surrounding you.


And I mean this literally. Aside from the sun, exercise helps boost our body’s production of endorphins, which gives us that happy feeling. Of course, it also helps if we are aiming for a leaner and sexier physique after gorging on all those laid out in the holiday spread.

  1. SAVE UP.

Initially, I was about to say, “Hold off on the purchases” and while that may be a better resolution, we all know it’s also unrealistic. No one could hold off buying those Louboutins marked down at 50%. But hear me out. Instead of going on a shopping spree once we receive our salaries, I suggest setting aside a certain percentage of what get for a ‘rainy day.’ Shopping money could come from what was left. This way even if we buy stuff we don’t really need (but absolutely look good in), we have already an extra for those emergency needs.


I think Facebook should come with a note that says, “Too much exposure is hazardous to your health.” Log out from the site and have an actual conversation with friends instead of replacing it with ‘likes.’ Last time I checked, a hug still cannot be attached to an email.


For the little things. And the big things. There are so many things in this world that we could be thankful for. Saying ‘Thank you” never goes out of style.


Sometimes, we don’t have to take ourselves so seriously. We all have our bosses to do that. So be silly. Take your hair down and laugh merrily.


Because there is no other way to love and experience love. No buts and ifs. Just love.

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