7 Arguments Men Would Never Ever Win Against His Girlfriend

Being in a relationship is not always a bed of roses. Arguments pop up from time to time and the couple sometimes find themselves about to kick each other’s head. Depending on how serious the argument is, it may come right after or it may take time, there is always a way to kiss and make up.

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However, there are those arguments that no matter how hard you explain, even if you justify your side and try to fight back, you will NEVER win because in these arguments, women are always right.

  1. The “I Saw You Checking Her Out!” Fight 

Even if you weren’t checking her out, even if it was just not possible for you to look at the direction your gf has been claiming without developing a stiff neck. Even if there is no single female in sight. Not even a female cat.

There’s no point justifying, she’ll just continue to fight back. Or worse, she’d start pouting and threaten to walk out. Follow this tip, guys: Always sit down facing the wall.


  1. The “Just Be Honest” Fight 

Oooh. There’s no getting around this one.

“Babe, just be honest. Do you think I look fat in this top?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Really? Just be honest.”

“Well, maybe a bit. Just a wee bit.”

“WHAT?!! Are you saying I’m FAT?!!”

“But you said to be honest…”

And that’s why when she asks you to be honest, you know you got to lie. Even if she asks you about her weight, hair or her family – you should DEFINITELY lie.


  1. The “I’m Not A Mind Reader” Fight 

“ I didn’t mean it when I said I didn’t want a gift for my birthday!”


  1. The “We’re Watching ‘The Notebook’ Tonight” Fight 

“But it’s the sweetest! And they’re the sweetest! And you should really be watching it so you could get tips on how to be more romantic. You’ll love it, I promise! Thanks baby, you’re the greatest ever!” 

Yep. There’s no way you’re going to catch that UFC match tonight.


  1. The “Why Can’t You Just Make More Effort To Know My Friends?” Fight 
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You do know you have to make more effort to get to know them, right? 


  1. The “Seriously? You Want to Hang Out More With Your Bros Than Me?” Fight 

Your friends won’t hug you. Or cuddle you. Fine, you get to act silly with them. Beer and chips while the video game is on and no one will complain about you staining the sofa. Did they cook your favorite pasta tonight? Can they cook it? Yup, didn’t think so.


  1. The “I’m PMS-ing and Irrational And Need Attention” Fight 

“It’s not like as if you’d understand how it is to go through this mood swings every month. Or to crave for something and just feel bad because you feel so fat and ugly. Or the fact that you don’t seem to pay too much attention to me for the last 10 minutes and I’m not sure what’s wrong and I’m crying and I don’t know why…(sobs)”


Just give in. Please, guys. For your sanity.

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