6-Year-Old Girl ‘Marries’ Her Favorite Football Player. Awww, This Is cute!

Last year a video of a girl crying because she was too young to marry her favorite football player J.J. Watt draw attention in different social media. The girl on the video is Breanna Bartay, was then 6, and it (video) was posted by her mother Lindsey. The adorable video immediately gained 300k views after a week.

Watt heard about the video and set out to find Breanna.

“Does anyone happen to know this cute little girl? We have to find her and turn those tears into a smile.” Watt tweeted.

Two days after, Watt tweeted with a photos of himself “proposing” to Breanna with a Ring pop and flowers.

jj wattsimage source

He asked her if she could “pretend as his wife for a day”. He also gave Breanna a white jersey to wear as a wedding dress and they dance to her favorite artist, Justine Bieber.

‘I saw the YouTube video,’ explained Watt. ‘I hate to see tears on my fans. So we put it out there on Twitter and Facebook to see if we could find her.

‘It was a very cool day. Very special to see such a smile on her face. To have the ability to do that is so neat. Anytime I can give back to the fans. I want to do something if I can,’ said Watt.

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