5 Year Old Kid Apologized in a Very Adorable Way

Faith, 5-year-old girl, wrote a letter to John Lewis store to apologize for accidentally breaking a Christmas bauble.

In the letter, she said:

I’m sorry I broke a Christmas bauble… it cost two pounds. Here is the money for it. Sorry again

letter1image credit: John Lewis

The store manager Dominic Joyce tweeted the letter as an attempt to find the girl so he can thank her in person.

It was just the sweetest letter that was addressed to the John Lewis Christmas Department,” he said.

It had a Cambridge postmark and that’s all we knew. We think the drawing is of her holding the bauble – it may be a self-portrait, but other than that we had nothing else to go on.

After seeing the media reports about her daughter’s letter, Faith’s mother called Dominic. However, she refuses to reveal her daughter’s identity because her daughter is a “very shy little girl”.

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