5 Unique Prisons Turned Hotels Around The World

No one would want to end up in jail. But some people are paying good money to stay in old prisons, that is, old prisons turned hotels. Because of the strong architecture that was used to built these jailhouses, it is no wonder that some, which were built decades even centuries ago are still standing. Some have become luxury hotels while others are friendlier to the budget. Check out these real life prisons that have now become great accommodations.

Liberty Boston Hotel in Massachusetts, United States

Completed in 1851, the hotel was once known as the Charles Street Jail or Suffolk County Jail. It closed down in 1990 after prisoners protested against the inhumane living conditions in the prison. The inmates were then transferred to the Nashua Street Jail and the former prison became the Massachusetts General Hospital until 2007 when it finally opened its doors as a luxury hotel.

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Jailhotel Loewengraben in Lucerne, Switzerland

The building was constructed in 1862 and was converted into a hotel in 1999. The rooms retain the structure of the former prison cells though tastefully renovated so the space is not as big as one might be used to. The hotel is a good place to stay for those on a budget and backpackers looking for a simple place to sleep.

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Malmaison Oxford in Oxford, England

One of the oldest jail hotels in the world, the Malmaison is around 1000 years old. The castle, which houses the hotel has been destroyed in the English Civil War during the 1800s, which left only ruins that were used to house prisoners. It was closed in 1996 and the area was renovated and converted into what is now known as the hotel.

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Old Mount Gambier Gaol in Mount Gambier, SA, Australia

The building was used as a prison beginning 1866 until it was closed in 1995. It was then refurbished and transformed into a backpacker accommodation. Guests could still see some of the facilities of the old gaol, which includes the library, prison chapel and lounge. Visitors could use the communal kitchen and store food in the communal refrigerator and cabinets provided.

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Karosta Prison Lepiaja in Lepiaja, Latvia

The prison was constructed in 1905 and was used to house those who oppose the Czar and Communist Party during the time of the Soviet Union. While most of the structure has been converted into a hotel, it still retained a KGB interrogation and torture facility. For the brave souls who want to experience what the prisoners went through, one could sign up for the prisoner package to be treated like one.

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