5 Signs You Need To Get Some Sleep

They say “sleep is for the weak” and in some cases it’s true. However, there are instances when sleep is the only answer to whatever it is that’s ailing you. No matter how important it may be to pull an all-nighter for that exam or the important report your boss has asked you to submit, getting a shuteye is probably the best (and healthiest) thing you could do. So if you’re unsure whether you need to plow on through your work and take a pause and get some rest, check out the article below and see if you must drop what you’re doing and go climb in your bed and sleep.

1. When caffeine is no longer working for you.

Coffee and energy drinks could only do so much. The rush caffeine brings to your body is often enough to energize and make you wide awake to keep at the task you must do. If however these energy-inducing drinks are not doing it’s magic anymore, it is probably high time you go and take some rest.

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2. When your friends mistake you for Rocket The Raccoon because of your under eye circles.

Sure you love Rocket in “Guardians of the Galaxy” but must you also look like him? If the circles under your eyes are the first thing your friends notice when they look at your face then it’s high time you go to sleep.

sleepy-shar-pei-puppyimage source

3. When you cry at the teeny, tiniest things because you’re too exhausted

Sometimes, sleep deprivation could make one emotional. Other times, it’s just because you’re too tired and worn out that you can’t help but shed tears over the smallest stuff because that’s the only emotion your body could bear to show due fatigue.

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4. When you become clumsy and bump into things because you’re moving in a haze (in your mind)

You’re shuffling your way around and you could barely see 2 meters ahead of you because everything is in a blurry cloud and you feel like floating and everything seems so far away. When this happens, it’s time to hit the sack.

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5. You fall asleep in any position at any spot.

While seated in a chair, while in a meeting, while looking at the TV, while eating – if you find yourself nodding off as you do these things, you really need to sleep.

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