5 Apps Every Writer Or Blogger Should Have On Their Device

If you’re an aspiring writer or already a published one, we know how hard it is to get your writing groove on. We can sit in our chair and stare at our screens until the inspiration kicks in. However, that leaves us with nothing else to do with our lives.

So for the on-the-go writers who like to get their creativity running by going out and experiencing the world, we have compiled this list of iOS apps that would help you fend off writer’s block. Even when you’re on the subway or walking in a park.

1. WriteRoom
A text editor that helps your focus by minimizing the distractions you see on your screen. This application is best used for simply writing down your thoughts and ideas as it does not offer a way for you to edit the format of your writing into bold, italicized or underlined. Neither does it allow you to add images or any media. The WriteRoom is $4.99 in the App Store.

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2. Pages
This app allows you not just to write, edit and view your work but gives you the chance to design your interface as well. The app is outfitted with 16 Apple-created themes for you to choose from. Pages is not just limited to creating a simple word document but is also great in designing brochures and flyers.

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3. Pocket
This app is not exactly for writing. Its bookmarking features do wonders for your research before you begin writing. Simply access your bookmarks via email, web browser and even through your smartphone.

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4. Poster
This app is best for bloggers out there. The app has a WordPress integration that allows you to post immediately. It also gives you access to pages, custom fields and other tools commonly used in WordPress. The app also allows you to open and upload posts in up to five different blogs in one log-in.

This app is available for the iPhone and iPad at $3.99.

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5. A Novel Idea
From the name alone, you pretty much could guess what this app is good for. Available at the Apple store, this app helps you jot down your plots and inspirations as you build your way to your own novel. One quirky feature of this application is that it allows you to drag and drop scenes you have previously written to put it in the sequence you would want it to appear in your story.

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