4-year Old Sole Survivor of Plane Crash Tells a Story of Miracle

One of the most horrific air disasters in the history of US took place on August 16, 1987 when Northwest Airlines Flight 255 crashed near Detroit killing 156 people. A four-year old girl named Cecelia Cichan was the sole survivor as she was pulled out just in time by a firefighter from the burning wreckage.

After taking off, the plane rolled and hit a pole then eventually crashed into several cars. The plane exploded after hitting an overpass.
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The cause of the crash was pointed at the possible negligence of the crew to monitor the wing’s slats and flats before it took off.
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Cecelia’s mother, father and six-year old brother were among the casualties on the gruesome plane crash making her an orphan at the age of 4.
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Cecelia related her story decades after the tragedy to complete a documentary entitled Sole Survivor.
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She inked her wrist with an image of a plane as a reminder of the miracle that happened in 1987.
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