4 Clever Farm Animals That Could Replace Your Dog As Pets

Dogs are popular pets because of their intelligence. They can do tricks, sniff bombs and wind up poles which makes them for very interesting companions.

But aside from dogs, a lot of animals found in the farm are actually clever than people give them credit for.

Check out the list below to see if your own farm animal has made the cut.

1. Cows
Cows are famous for its milk and meat. But did you know that more than that this animal is very good at recognizing faces? Yes, cows have good memories and unlike some animals that have a short attention span, it could remember faces even after a long time has passed.

Because of their great memory, cows often form strong relationships with their fellow cows to form “cow cliques.”

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2. Chickens
One thing that is very admirable with chickens (aside from their meat) is their ability to mother their chicks even before they hatch out from the egg. While incubation, chicken moms “cluck” at their eggs as a form of communicating with their unborn chick. After the chick is born, the maternal instinct of chickens goes on overdrive to the point that they sometimes die from other predators who want to take their babies away.

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3. Pigs
If you’ve seen “Babe” then you’d know for sure how loyal, loving and smart these creatures are. A pig is the only animal known to recognize itself in the mirror.

Besides this unique trait, pigs are also highly-trainable to do tricks, just like any other dog. They can roll on the ground and play with a ball too. Because of their intense energy, they get bored easily if not given enough stimulation at home.

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4. Goats
Scientists from the Queen Mary University in London and Institute of Agricultural Science in Switzerland have made the amazing discovery that goats are actually very smart.

They tested goats and placed them in a box to find food by solving a puzzle to reach it. The test included a lever that must be lifted by their muzzle. To reach the lever, the goat must pull a rope to activate it. Once the lever is activated, food comes out for the successful goat.

But it’s not just this test that proved their intelligence. These hoofed mammals are known in Morocco for their ability to climb up steep hills to reach dense and nutritious branches.

Clever Farm Animals 4
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