3 Eye Opening Thoughts On What Success Is

Everybody wants to be successful in some way. The human brain is wired to strive for achievement, fulfillment and accomplishment in whatever form it might be. But this is easier said than done. There are so many ways that one could achieve success not to mention the fact that there are also numerous ways to define it.

It’s not bad to desire success and achievement but sometimes you beat yourself up on striving for something, not knowing you have it all along. So before you continue on your climb through that ladder of success, read on to know these three important things about it.

It is Not Always Material

Success is often, if not always, measured using tangible matters – the money you have in your bank account, the kind of car you drive, the position you hold in your company or sometimes even the kind of people you hang out with. Almost always, success is all about the material. But success is not only measured by this.

One person may not have a huge savings in his account but he was able to raise four children into respectful and obedient adults. Or perhaps, the employee in your office may drive a beat-up car but has paid off all debts and is now keen on remaining debt-free. Success is about truth, honesty, dedication and conviction. It’s not just about what you do but how you do it that matters in the end.

Failing Is Part Of Succeeding

No one succeeds in anything with just one try and not having experienced delays, disappointments and failures. It is part of the process. Yes, dedication, hard work and perseverance are all keys to succeeding but it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get everything right the first time.

While failing is inevitable, it is also avoidable and not permanent. One must be able to look past the failures and disappointments to continue on his journey to success. Learn the lesson and move forward.

It Is For The Humble

Yes, the go-getters and the assertive ones always get on top but while they do succeed, it may not be lasting. They have demolished people and emotions along the way that maintaining the top spot has become an obsession that many of those they’ve hurt want to see them crumble.

But those who are humble and does not see himself better and above others succeed because he is one who knows the value of what he has, that it could be lost in any moment and does not dwell on the power, success and achievements he has. Instead, he is of sober mind to realize that success is not in the position and projects he has accomplished but in the kind of person he has become in going after his dreams.

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