20 Year-old Guy Skips College now Earns $10 Million Revenue from His Own Company

Most 20-year-olds are in college but at the age of 19, Alex Shlaferman — after realizing the cost of tuition—knew college is not for him.

Out of his love for magic tricks Alex made his first $10,000 by selling DVD of himself teaching levitation trick.


“I sold 100 copies of it at $100 [each] in one week,” says Shlaferman. “I guess I’m just naturally really good at marketing. Because I marketed the hell out of it and made it into something that everyone wanted and it just blew up.”

At the age of 15, he spent his summer working for a family friend, 10 years older than him, pitching kitchen products at state fairs. He claims he earns roughly $8,000 daily. Through that experience, Alex become well-knowledgeable about manufacturing business and saved up $30,000 to launched Vante Toys — home for the best selling product Wallet Ninja, A credit card-shaped 18-in-1 Swiss Knife.

Wallet Ninja

Vente Toys employs nearly 50 people, 7 people in his hometown headquarters in Brooklyn and 48 in China. In 2013, just four (4) years after it was founded, Vente Toys annual revenue hits $5 Million and was expected to have $10 Million in sales this coming Christmas season. Alex claims that his company is growing 300-400% every year.

Alex has no plan to get a formal degree, although he is not discouraging others from doing so. He said he knows what career he wants already.

“​College is for people who don’t have a plan and need help deciding what they want to do. It’s also for people interested in specialty professions in law, medicine, etc. Everyone has their own unique story and path; what I do may not be right for you. I only skipped college because I’ve known exactly what I wanted to do with my life since I was 16. Time in college would not have helped me reach my goal.​” He said.

Alex parents— who were born in Russia and came to Brooklyn in 1992 as refugees — are very supportive of their son’s business career.

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