18 Street Ads That Will Make You Look Twice

For centuries, advertising has become part of our daily lives. It is almost everywhere! You can see them in between TV shows, in cinemas, on the roads, and maybe even in the mug you’re sipping. One of the most interesting advertisements there is that will never fail to capture your attention is the street advertising.

We listed 18 examples of street ads are some of the finest and most creative we’ve ever seen, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be amazed too!

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1. Sprite’s Beach Shower

sa01image source

2. McDonald’s

sa02image source

3. Nike Bench Wanting You To Keep Running

sa03image source

4. IBM Bright Idea To Sit On

sa04image source

5. The Economist, Brightening People’s Mind

sa05image source

6. Superman Elevator

sa06image source

7. IKEA. Improves Your Life

sa07image source

8. Homer Eating Doughnuts for “The Simpsons” Movie Launch

sa08image source

9. Orbit

sa09image source

10. IWC Schaffhausen, Try Their Watches On Your Way To Work

sa10image source

11. Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer

sa11image source

12. Powerhouse Gym

sa12image source

13. Hate Dropped Calls? Switch to Cingular

sa13image source

14. Formula. For Stronger Teeth

sa14image source

15. Folgers. Are They Sure This Will Make You Want Some Hot Coffee?

sa15image source

16. Adidas’ Giant Ad

sa16image source

17. Kitkat Break

sa17image source

18. LG. It’s So Real

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